Immersv enables virtual reality developers to advertise their games in other VR apps

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Developers are getting ready to unleash a torrent of applications for virtual reality, and some big names from the mobile-gaming space are stepping in to offer a way for studios to market their products.

Immersv is a VR advertising platform that wants to help gamemakers and app designers with discovery while also providing them with a way to generate revenue.

The idea is to enable studios to insert video commercials into their VR experiences. The startup already launched its ad exchange in a closed beta for a few clients in December with support for mobile headsets like Samsung’s Gear VR and Google Cardboard.

Intelligence firm SuperData Research expects mobile VR to produce $861 million in spending this year, but ad revenues could give that a boost. And Immersv stands to benefit enormously if studios choose to implement its ads as VRpotentially grows into a $40.4 billion sector by 2020.

Ads for VR games in other VR games is already working, according to Immersv. The company claims that the videos it showed during its beta test had a 79 percent completion rate. This means that most of the people who started watching the commercials finished them. Immersv’s development toolkit enables developers to put the ads wherever they want, and they can even use flat, 2D videos or spherical videos that surround the viewer in all directions.

The advertising platform says it already has more than a dozen developers working with its tech, and it expects to bring in more soon.